Submitting Your Games for Review

Manufacturers who are interested in submitting their games should send a copy of each game submitted to the following address:

David Lowry

6732 Birchbrook Pl.

Antioch, TN 37013



Fees for Kickstarter Projects are $75 for written previews and $200 for video previews. Due to the high demand for small publishers sending in requests and the amount of backlash the communities are now expressing towards kickstarter spam.

Please submit a copy of each game if you don’t have hi-res pdf’s available for review purposes. I will have this game play tested with our local board game groups to play with as many different styles of play as possible.

Web posting:

The Lowry Agency






Youtube –(if video review)

Club Fantasci

Google+ Club Fantasci Page

3 Google+ Board Game Communities

Reddit – Table Top Review forum  (Moderator)


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David Lowry is available to act as a personal spokesperson or representative for game publishers.