David Lowry

David Lowry

Hello everybody. I want to discuss some things on the internet about me from those whom I call the Children of the Corn. Those people who know absolutely nothing about the person they are out to destroy for whatever flaw it is in people they think have no business on this planet or industry. For those people not familiar with “The Children of the Corn,” it’s a Steven King short story about a religious cult of children who believe that everyone over the age of 18 should be killed to make sure of a corn harvest.” It’s kind of the same in the board game community now. There is this small group of people in the board game community who like to talk about people behind their back, say things are completely not true, call, email or text employers to get them fired because they believe that this person is a “danger” or whatever to the hobby. It’s to the point of ridiculousness and it certainly isn’t adult behavior. It say’s way more about the people spreading lies, rumors falsehoods about people they don’t know, than the people they try to bash, bully or shame online. Most have never even talked to the person whom they slander, they just like to take a statement on social media and twist into something it is not. The faux outrage is pretty funny actually.

What is ironic, is these people are leftists. They are constantly condemning people for shaming, bashing, being bigoted, racist and stereotyping. Yet they are the most active at doing these very things. They are constantly piling up on people in a mob fashion, bashing, being bigoted, etc… These tactics are their specialty. So for us adults, we know not to take them seriously because they don’t practice what they preach, and they are exactly the same if not worse than the people they are constantly railing about.

People love to judge others while posting the “Don’t judge me unless you have walked a mile in my shoes” meme or the ever typical “Just be who you are” meme, unless of course people don’t agree with their dogma, then they try to shame them into being like them or shutting them up. However, the Children of the Corn take it much farther. To them, their whole identity is tied into how their little cult sees them online or in person. It’s all about being seen trying to “out” people who don’t think like them. Seen bashing them. It would be interesting to see what these people could do if they would get off their computers and actually try be active in real life about the things they spend everyday online complaining about. This is how we know they aren’t really doing anything because they spend all their time on social media in their “activism” attacking others.

One of the true signs of adulthood and wisdom, is that adults don’t base their opinions of someone off of someone else’s opinion. They judge the person based on their interaction with them. That would be the fair and equitable thing to do. For me personally, I don’t care at all what your politics are. All I care about is how you treat people. To me, people who really cared about other people wouldn’t act like the Children of the Corn do. The only way to judge people is to see the fruit from their actions. You don’t have any fruit if you are acting irresponsibly online talking shit about people you have never met. Whatever grows on your vine, might smell sweet for a short while, especially to the group think, but it withers quickly and dies away and then there is nothing.

So let me tell you a little about me so you know where I stand. Also please understand that I don’t owe anyone an explanation of what I believe or think. I don’t have to do this, I don’t even want to do this. It’s more to show the Children of the Corn how ridiculous their claims are about people they don’t know and why they really shouldn’t be doing it besides the fact that it’s completely childish and immature.

The Children of the Corn are online saying that I am homophobic and not inclusive. I am not sure why they are saying this but if anyone of these people did the slightest amount of research, they would see my actions are completely the opposite. Of course, they will try to say that I have a history of this. Really? What history? The truth is that they don’t like my opinion or that I don’t buy into their dogma. They don’t like anyone who isn’t in their group think and so they must label them to be evil, homophobic, bigoted, racist or insert any form of “ist” here. They remind me of all the hacks on the internet who act like they understand music or are better musicians, but actually can’t play any instrument and just like trolling people to get a reaction.

This attitude is absolutely idiotic as board games are designed for everyone, not just those on the extreme left. EVERYONE. Everyone that the Children of the Corn don’t agree with. Everyone that I don’t agree with. That is what makes the games themselves perfect to be able to bridge gaps in philosophies. It opens the door to great discussions among people. But I have watched some of the Children of the Corn say on forums that they don’t want anyone who voted for Trump to buy their game. They don’t want them to enjoy it. Stupid, asinine posts like this are what divides people even more. Not who someone voted for. A few years ago none of this would have mattered because we all got together and gamed without worrying about who someone voted for. We understood that all people have great things about them and not great things about them. Now we have people who purposely try to be divisive but try to hide behind the idea of inclusion to not sound like an asshat. But it proves that they are ones NOT inclusive. If they are trying to hurt others, shame others or bully others, they are being the opposite of inclusive. They are the opposite of what most of them try to claim they are. They really just want people who think like them at the table. Inclusive means that we invite everyone to the table period. Not just those whom we identify with politically. If they truly can’t get past the issue of who someone voted for, then they are one the with the issue, not the other way around.

So let me enlighten the Children of the Corn to how I work, what I stand for what I have done with just a few examples.

First of all – my business philosophy is that I don’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit other people. None of my businesses operate without having goals to helping others in the process at every step we take. I always look to include other people who need a hand up in exposure either media wise or to people who can make a difference or they may be on hard times. I operate in the function that I make sure that I work as hard as I can to provide for those who I contract out with so they can pay their bills. That isn’t my job. It’s actually their job to provide for their own business, but I try to do it because I know many small business owners are not good at sales, don’t have the capabilities or resources I do and most often, don’t even have the time because they are so busy doing everything else they can’t get to expanding their business in sales.

I just launched a new program in partnership with Rocketown and McGavock High school here in Nashville, where we are training disenfranchised high school kids how to do video production, audio production and voice over work. This is not only for school credit, but they get paid the same rates I pay my normal guys.This allows them to graduate high school, earn some money and be trained in a profession where they can build their own business immediately. We donate all the software, equipment and put together the program. This was my idea. Not anyone else’s. It’s my dollars that fund it. I instigated it and started on it last December. I also host a monthly game night there to get these kids into playing games, learn how to be more social, have manners, class and to get to know them so they know that there are people to help them. Just two days ago, Rick Schrand from Flying Lemur Games Studio came out with me on his own time and brought games so we could teach these kids new games and interact with them. It wasn’t our game night.

Last Christmas, we raised over $90,000 worth of games that we donated to the Nashville Metro Police Department Christmas Basket Program, Rocketown, the Last Minute Toy Store, Community Options and Champ’s Holiday House at the Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. You can find out all about them on Club Fantasci.com. We have videos and photos so you can see what these charities represent and the impact we have on them.

My business partner and I just launched a new business to help retailers sell more games on our platform for FREE. We didn’t say unless, you are gay, or a female or african-american. It’s for everyone who is a retailer. We don’t disclude games by designers who have trashed me. Why? Because I am an adult. I know that making change means doing things for people who may not deserve it, or may have tried to harm me in the past. And to be honest, I just don’t care. Nothing they say has any real reflection on me. It will always say more about them than it does me.

Just over a week ago, we attended a Black Tie event for Green Ribbon Gala. It’s a non-profit started by Tipper Gore to help prevent teen suicide. We were there to donate money.

I started interviewing Women in Board Games 4 years ago on Club Fantasci. I was doing that way before most Children of the Corn started screaming about there not being enough women in the industry or their inclusion.

My wealth management agency’s specialty was women business owners.

One of my other event companies has put on Fetish Balls. Do you know what that targets besides the recent 50 shades of grey people? That’s right LGTBQ people. I also held a mod 60’s event at the Canvas bar which is a gay bar.

My previous girlfriend who I lived with had two gay children, her daughter saw my daughter as a sister.

My current girlfriend and I host parties for people of all lifestyles in our home regularly. Our only rules are no religion or politics and no touching without consent. These parties are attended by Trans people, gay people, bisexual people, straight people, poly people, pretty much any type of person you can think of. You name it, they come over and we all have a good time hanging out playing games, watching TV, sitting in our hot tube. Our house is a safe place for anyone who needs it.

I have dated two African-American women.

One of my main game groups has a full post-op trans-gendered female. One of my other groups has a male gay couple, one of which is a drag queen with whom I taught how to book their own shows outside of the Nashville area.

I have done free work for all kinds of non-profits that benefit the LGBTQ community.

I now volunteer and foster animals for the Noah’s Ark Society. I also just shot two days worth of filming for free for them as well as am working on their business and marketing plan for free.

I have done God knows how many free bumpers for board game content creators for free. Some of which are female like Shiny Happy Meeples.

I have traveled to 38 countries on my own dime, costing me others who traveled with us to raise money for orphanages all over the world. We are talking anywhere from $75,000 to $200,000 per trip. We started new orphanages, paid for children to be in the orphanages. None of this was based on race, gender, sexuality or anything else. We helped children like a 5-year-old girl who lived in a park with her older sister, mother and father. Her father was prostituting her out so he didn’t have to get a job.

I have taught people of all ages and races and identities TaeKwonDo free. I spent 6 years training at the Olympic Training Center as a day athlete for OTC Taekwondo Team. There were only 4 white people there on the team. The rest was people of all kinds of nationalities.

I served in the military and fought in two wars to protect and serve everyone American no matter what color, identity or political agenda they have. That is about as inclusive as you can get.

Just about every Friday night, I teach ice skating for free at the Centennial Sportsplex here in Nashville. I have taught every race, gender, identity you can think of. What I don’t do is say “No, I can’t teach you, I am not inclusive.” That is just stupid.

I just last night offered to shot a free commercial for the new board game cafe in town. That is $3,000 out of my pocket.

I am the guy that did $18,000 of free video work for a board game publisher. I am the guy that gives you money and raises money for you when I find out you can’t pay your bills. I am the guy that actually shows up at your house and helps you move. I am the guy that cleans your house while you are gone out-of-town and I am feeding your animals. I am the guy that takes the shopping carts back into the store so it doesn’t ding your car. I am the guy that takes your cart from you so you don’t have to walk it to a corral or in the store. I am the guy that stops what I am doing to help you with whatever you need. I am the guy that offers to help you for free if you don’t have a budget. I am the guy that finds a way to make things happen for you with no expectation in return.

So if anyone wants to try to compare who is inclusive versus not inclusive, or who does more to help all people, let’s do it. Let’s see who puts their time, money and efforts where there mouth is. The difference between me and the Children of the Corn is that I don’t need to trumpet my “wokeness” from the rooftops or how “inclusive” I am. I don’t need to try to get my “neurosis” on with social media posts so all those who think like me give me an atta boy or atta girl so I can feel good about myself. I am much, much more interested in making a difference in real life, in my own communities or any place I visit than I am worrying about trumpeting my horn to be part of a ridiculous cult.

I am a firm believer in there are people who talk, and their people who do. I am a doer. My actions say all they need to say about me. I backup my talk with real volunteer work or programs that I design, that I fund, and that helps everyone no matter what their lot in life is.

Children of the Corn like to grab a social media “quote” and try to paint people with a brush about who they are and what they believe. Anyone who is dense enough to think they know someone from a social media conversation or post is beyond help. People are way too complex to be encapsulated by a post and it’s their life experiences define what they think or believe. That experience validates anyone’s take on any topic whether the Children of the Corn like it or not. Children of the Corn love to say things like “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen” while simultaneously invalidating the opposing experience or opinion and deny real facts for dogma.

At Gen Con, a publisher told me that I was conservative. I had to hold back my laugh as I am not anything. I don’t belong to any party. I don’t tow a party line because I know they are all full of it. None of them have anyone’s best interest at heart. To them, we are all pawns to be manipulated for their end goal. I think for myself. I don’t do group think, victim hood or micro-aggression’s (which aren’t even a real thing). I am an adult. I am responsible for my own actions. My surroundings, my government, my parents are not responsible for my choices in life. That is 100% on me and it’s not any taxpayers job to pay for things I didn’t set myself up to able to pay for myself. I create my success and failures. No one else does. Other people’s words don’t hurt my feelings because I don’t give power to them. They don’t know me. They don’t interact with me. So what the hell does it matter what they would think anyway. I know who I am. I know what I can do. I know what I have done and none of it is dependent on anyone else. No one determines my success but me. I am perfectly happy with me as a person because I have the scars to prove the road I walked.

The only politics I follow is intellectual honesty. I don’t care about dogma. I don’t buy into dogma. All I care about are the facts. The real facts, not media biased facts. The real research that I do to get past all the agenda driven drivel out there. I don’t believe anyone just because they say it. I wait for proof. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative for the most part. I 100% support everybody period. I don’t base anything off of their skin color, sex, identity or physical capabilities. I support them as a person, not as a group of people. That person maybe of a minority, but they don’t represent everyone in a group or feel the same as everyone in a group. So I won’t lump them in a group. Just because they are a minority doesn’t mean I  have to support their politics or dogma if I don’t agree with it because it is the “popular” thing to do. I don’t do that for anyone. I have zero problem addressing any problem from an intellectual stand-point without letting my emotions rule my thinking no matter how sensitive or politically charged it may be. I also realize that not all things are for all people. I have zero problem with confrontation, I am a fighter, duh. I don’t bull shit people. People always know where they stand with me. I am about is transparent as a person can be because I don’t like it when people assume things or try and hear what they want to hear instead of the facts or try to manipulate a situation based on vagueness.

What I don’t stand for is hypocrisy. I can’t stand it. This is where people try and label my politics. They can’t separate my loathing of hypocrisy from what they assume is a slam on a party, so then I must be the other party. I can’t stand it when people are constantly labeling people, calling them bigoted or for shaming others when they themselves are being just as bigoted and employ shaming to try and shut people up. I can’t stand those that trash Trump for his “sexual predator” ways but will go out and watch Justice League without batting an eye even though Ben Affleck has admitted to actually touching women inappropriately. I can’t stand it when people who will justify or deny all the illegal activity of Hillary Rodham Clinton or won’t even admit they were wrong about her, but will stand by their opinion of Trump even though there is zero evidence of illegal activity from him at this point, even after a year of investigation. You see, most of us know that everyone is a hypocrite. It’s just a degree of how much or on which topic. The levels of hypocrisy always change for each issue, but everyone is in fact a hypocrite. That means it makes no sense to be trashing others for anything because all the Children of the Corn are just as bad a person as the people they rail against. They all have flaws. No one is morally superior even though they like to act like it online. What is odd, is that the Children of the Corn still haven’t figured out that it is because of people like them, that we all have to live through a Trump Presidency. Hence, they haven’t changed their ways to acting like a normal human being. It’s always activism on 10. Everything is blown way out of proportion. It’s always the white mans fault or everyone’s responsibility to police their world for gamers. Newsflash, there are much more important personal responsibilities people have to worry about. Don’t try to force your dogma on others to get your agenda across, people don’t like things forced on them.

Most of the people who love to get online and complain about other people or issues are usually the ones with no solutions to offer and who don’t actually do anything to make a change. They have every excuse in the book. “I have a family, responsibilities blah, blah, blah.” And? We all have that. I raised 4 kids. I have run 6 businesses, I still have time to do everything I have done in my life. They think that being online and trying to bully or shame others is making change when in reality, it’s just pissing most people off.

The rest of us adults who have lived life for a while have seen this come and go a few times. Most of us will still be here after all the political fads fade or change because we have already done this. We know how this goes. We lived through the PMRC (run by a Democrat) who tried to silence musicians from using swearing-in lyrics because they thought it was dangerous talk, we lived through the religious right’s attack on Dungeons and Dragons (which the leftists act exactly like,) we lived through the families suing musicians like Ozzy, Judas Priest or Twisted Sister because their “words” MADE people commit suicide. We have lived through the riots, the civil rights era, the Berklee Free speech era. We have done it, seen it and we know that in a short amount of time, we will still be standing here while most of the Children of the Corn are gone due to changes in their life, or the political climate has changed and they are no longer a voice or relevant to anything in society etc…What is odd is that Dr. Martin Luther King and Frank Zappa would be shaking their heads in shame as they watch their “party” undue everything they did to create the end of segregation, change and equality.

So for those Children of the Corn who think that people like me, the people who served our country to protect Americans, that fought in wars, that donate money, volunteer and develop programs to help the disenfranchised, the minorities or the industry itself doesn’t actually belong in the hobby or industry, then no one does. Because in reality, we are the ones that are the doers. We are the ones that make an actual difference. We are the ones practicing what we preach and making a difference in our communities. We are the ones that have already proven ourselves time and time again. We don’t feed our narcissism online pretending to be activists while not really doing anything in real life because it is our real life.

Let me paraphrase:

  1. No political agenda. Intellectual Honesty is where it is at.
  2. Inclusive of ALL people not just those that think like me.
  3. Don’t care about your politics, only care how you treat others.
  4. Doesn’t not work with people because of their politics. That is childish.
  5. 100% supportive of all people. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with their politics or agenda.
  6. Actually does what he preaches.
  7. Hates hypocrisy. Hates it.
  8. Facts don’t care about feelings.
  9. Doesn’t do group think, micro-aggression’s or victim hood.
  10. Responsible for my own lot in life.

So that is me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me, it is still rock n’ roll to me. It’s just a bunch of internet trolls who have never accomplished anything in life not already expected of them. I and the rest of the rational people will keep doing what we do no matter what the Children of the Corn think. Avoid these children as they don’t care at all about being correct in their portrayal of people. They only care about their group think dogma.

Stay frosty!