With all the wealth of information out there about board games, we like to share the ones that we find the most fun, entertaining as well as informative, so please come along for the ride and check some of our favorite board game resources out. Some of them received honorable mentions in our first blog here but they deserve much more than that.

The Cardboard Republic:

The folks over at The Cardboard Republic are extremely nice, informative and put out great content you can’t find anywhere else. Definitely worth a look, plus they have one of the coolest logos. Make it so.

Vox Republica Podcast


Grey Elephant Gaming:

Grey Elephant Gaming


Tim and his family give us great videos based on a couples view of board games. It is always great to see what they like and don’t like and how to tackle a game as a couple based on differences. Great family blog, very supportive and helpful people to boot!



Troll in the Corner:

Troll In The Corner

Troll In The Corner has assembled a crack staff of reviewers and podcasters. One of the best things about their reviews are the fact they put in info that most don’t (they are much smarter than I am!) If you are looking for well thought out reviews, look no further than this blog.


The One Tar:

The One Tar


Tiffany aka The one Tar provides video reviews with a youthful exuberance unmatched by most. Very active on social media, she is sure to get your product some impressions. Get her a game!



So if you are a publisher, check these particular reviewers out and give them a try if you haven’t already. If you are a fan, follow them. Add them to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ families and spread the world and help them spread the word!

Game on!