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What is The Club? The Club is a group of board game and book reviewers that actively promote each other on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Why is this important? Well for many reasons actually. Number one being the active promotion of hobbies we all love. Who doesn’t want to see our hobbies become more popular, have more success and those associated with it? Number two would be increased visibility for all those involved so your voice is heard. So people can discover these great products you are reviewing and it’s our way giving back to the hobbies we love so much. Reason number three is having a direct impact on the those you support. Helping board game publishers with their Kickstarters, indie book authors get more sales or at least more eyes on their books. There are so many different ways to make a direct impact and help people.

Would your review site or podcast like to be a part of the Club Fantasci network?

We are looking for active reviewers and podcasters to join our club and help promote each other, do hangouts, interviews and podcasts to bring fresh, original content to our audiences! This is key! The must be active and willing to help all members of The Club with re-tweeting of content, sharing of content, commenting and being a part of Google+ hangouts or podcasts discussing the hobbies we love!

Benefits? An active social media campaign to help boost your visibility! We run a 24/7 campaign to help people discover great board gaming and book content.

Requirements? At least one new piece of quality content per week, co-branding with other club members to help grow their visibility not only with links on their sites but active social media support. Blog post: The Club! What is it Exactly?

If you are interested in joining our Club Fantasci network, please fill out the form below. We will review your information and be in contact with you shortly after.

Thanks for your interest!