David Lowry interviews Matt and Jenifer Wehner of 808 Games about their very first game called Infusion currently on Kickstarter.

Infusion is a sci-fi deckbuilding game featuring some of the most popular characters in all of literature. Enlist help from characters featured in stories by The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Lewis Carroll, and more. Send your Recruits to complete Missions and score rewards!

Play Recruits, acquire new ones, and use them all to complete Missions. Every player takes on the role of a Hero and uses their Recruits in a multitude of ways. Each Hero provides a unique game play experience and creates a level of personalization unlike any other deckbuilding game! Missions are the key to victory, so you’ll have to enlist the help of Recruits wisely if you want to win!



Choose Your Hero and Recruits

Infusion comes with 12 Heroes based on classic literary characters. Each one comes with unique Epic Recruits that they begin the game with. Heroes also bring exclusive game text and stats, which add to the layers of distinctive play experiences in each game! Infusion comes with 24 Reinforcement Recruits and 12 are chosen randomly before each game begins to use as a shared pool of cards among all players.


Mission Cards

Establish the Missions

There are two Basic Missions that players can Run during their turns, along with 12 different Epic Missions that offer players far greater rewards. The 12 Epic Missions are shuffled and three are randomly chosen at the start of each game.

Epic Missions bring epic rewards, both in Reward Points and extra game text for your Hero.

Enlist Help

Assemble your team by Enlisting the help of hackers, artificial intelligence, space pirates, mercenaries, and more! Each Recruit you add to your deck will help Enlist additional Recruits and provide resources to Run Missions.

Utilize special game text found on your Recruits to enhance your turns. The better the turn, the more Recruits you can Enlist and the harder Missions you can Run.


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