The designer of the original Dale of Merchants series brings you Dawn of Peacemakers, a story-driven board game experience. Unfold the campaign and discover new and exciting twists and turns as you progress through the story!

Dawn of Peacemakers is the third game from Snowdale Design and it takes place in Daimyria, the world of animal folks. You will take the role of an adventurer and have to trust and co-operate with your fellow players in order to reach a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides.

In Dawn of Peacemakers, you are an adventurer trying to achieve a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides together with your fellow players. Your objective is to co-operatively lower the motivations of the scarlet macaws’ side and the ocelots’ side in balance and thus exhaust both sides, making them negotiate a truce.

The game’s scenarios are played in rounds. Each round consists of player activity and army resolution. First, all adventurers use resource cards for various effects such as influencing armies, moving around, and scheming.



Dawn of the Peacemakers

Dawn of the Peacemakers Components


Find out more about Dawn of the Peacemakers here at the Kickstarter Page.

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