David Lowry

David Lowry

Here we go again with me having to write a blog post for all the people on Board Game Geek that can’t read the title of an article/blog. It seems that many of you, even as smart as you think you are, can’t tell the difference from a review or a preview so please let me clarify for your expert knowledge base.

A review is an article or blog post written from the opinion of the blogger who in this case would be reviewing a board game. He or she may or may not have been sent a game that they are reviewing for the benefit of the general public. Key word there being benefit. That’s right. BENEFIT. It means that it is written to help you, the general public, decide on a game for purchase. Now I know many of you think you are better writers, reviewers or what ever you think you are better at (everything,) even though most of the people who make these comments do neither of the aforementioned, but still you find it necessary to tell people how good or bad they do their job based on your expert criteria. Because, well we all know you are highly paid marketing consultants with tons and tons of success in the business of marketing products and blog writing. A review is meant to be as unbiased as possible and will come with all sorts of writing styles. Some reviews write very long and in depths review and others don’t. Why? Because not everyone wants or needs the same type of review for them to make a decision. That means, there is no right or wrong way to write a review, only what the reviewer feels what is best for them and their audience. But then again you already knew that didn’t you. Because well, you are an expert.

Previews on the other hand are what reviewers/bloggers do to help PROMOTE an upcoming release of a game. They are NOT reviews, nor do they contain opinions of any kind. They are meant to showcase a new product and highlight certain aspects of the game that the publishers thinks are selling points. Hence they are commercials for a product that most almost all reviewers provide for free to help grow the community. But….. there is always those few brave asshats behind a keyboard that have to make some comment on the fact that it’s a flowery piece and it sounds like a commercial…. wait a minute…. hmmmm…. Isn’t that the whole purpose? OMG! I think that is the whole purpose! Who would have thought that a marketing tool like a preview would go so far as to talk about the high points of a product and avoid any opinions. The nerve! How completely rude that people would try to market their game as positively as possible. What kind of idiots would do that?

I hope this helps clear up the difference between a REVIEW and a PREVIEW for those of you who are experts in the forums, were confused on this topic or maybe just not very bright. I also hope that you take the time to READ the title of the blog/article before making comments on it so that you know if it is a REVIEW or a PREVIEW. That would make the whole internets thing a whole lot more enjoyable. Yeah, common sense, it’s that important.

For those of you who recognize the sarcasm in this blog post, please indulge me this as you know exactly what and whom the type of people this is addressed to. Yes I know we are supposed to just ignore the idiots and trolls, but every now and then, you have to attempt to educate those less fortunate too.

The fact that I even have to write this is completely asinine and insane. Thank you for placating me and listening to my rant.

Game on!


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