David Lowry

David Lowry

It is good to see that a few people have left my page on Facebook. I know that sounds odd but that means I challenged their thinking and it also means that I am getting rid of people who are easily offended and probably like to spread rumors or talk behind my back. However, if you block me and I have never done or said anything negative to you, don’t expect me to support your stuff. If you don’t like me or don’t want to do business with me that is cool, just be honest. I won’t be offended. But don’t be one of those people that won’t say anything about it to me because you are hoping I will still share you products, your Kickstarters, do reviews of products etc… That is manipulative and pretty much a dick move. Just be honest about it. It’s better for everyone and I truly appreciate honesty. There is so little of it anymore.

You won’t find anyone who tries to be more intellectually honest than me. You won’t find me to be anything but honest with you. My private page is just that, my private page. It is where I GET to voice my opinions and concerns. I don’t use it for business other than to share things now and then, mostly for other people. Also I haven’t asked for anyone’s friendship on Facebook for very long time. I haven’t sent out a friend request since 2008. If you friend request someone, you know you are going to their page and since mine is private you know it was used as my private page so that means it is full of opinions. Remember, I don’t ask you to not post your concerns or feelings. It’s your personal page, it’s your right and you should have a space to do that. That is different from your work page and I know some of you think that if you meld the two then it becomes work. Well that is unrealistic and unfair to that person to try and not give them the space to be free with their thoughts and opinions. That won’t fly with me. All my work pages are clean. I don’t stop doing business with people because of their political beliefs. I stop doing business with people when they attack me especially if they have never met me or are not on my personal page which is the only place I share my personal feelings.

I have written several blogs on this in the past which were extremely popular and picked up by several music programs and music sites because it is true. When you try and limit someone to the point of not having a voice, you put them in a glass prison and manipulate their free speech. That will not happen to me. I fought for my free speech and I have done way to much to help others just to have people who I barely know try and limit my effectiveness as a business owner, an American, a citizen and a human.

Again, please, if you find my page or anyone’s personal page uncomfortable, please feel free to leave. Drop us a note and tell us why if are so willing. It’s quite okay, I have hundreds of friend requests to go through personally. I know I will find others who like the exchange of ideas and who are here because they want to be friends and not just lurkers who are watching me but not engaging, sharing and possible collaborations.

For those that have hung around on my page, thank you for your friendship and civil debates based on facts for tough issues that effect us all. That is what I treasure the most in friendship. People who can not only accept you for who you are but also what you do for those around you.

Respect anyone’s personal page. Don’t expect them to be who they aren’t so you can try and hold it against them because you don’t see eye to eye on issues.

Thank you,

The Management


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