Gregoire Boisbelaud of Dust USA gives David Lowry an overview of their miniatures game Dust 1947 and a couple new releases in their line at Gen Con 2017. Dust USA is the official and exclusive distributor of Paolo Parente’s DUST 1947. Dust USA is a locally owned and operated sister company to DUST Studio, based in Ohio.
Their mission is to service the DUST community in the US and Canada in a reliable manner.

The story so far
The year is 1947. The war that started eight years ago with Germany invading Poland isn’t over. The conflict has long spread worldwide. Other than the three great blocs, there are but a handful of countries left hanging on to relative neutrality.
As the conflict grew longer, old alliances were broken while new ones were formed.
Nowadays, the leading powers of the past are assembled into three huge states:
– The Allies have gathered around the U.S.A. This great coalition of nations includes, among others, the British Commonwealth and the French colonial empire.
– To secure their survival against their powerful enemies, Germany, Japan, and Italy have merged as the Axis. The rise of this totalitarian state was helped by the successful assassination of the Führer in 1943 following operation Walkyrie.
– The USSR and communist China have united their fates to build the SSU, or Sino-Soviet Union. Becoming a planetary power, the communist bloc intends to impose its way of life on all other continents.

Throughout the world, the three blocs are fighting to gain exclusive control over a revolutionary ore: Vk. This ore has revealed extraordinary properties and brought forth the design of gigantic combat robots, capable of challenging the world’s most advanced tanks.

The discovery and first military applications of Vk came from Germany. Everything concerning this ore is shrouded in mystery. Rumors have been going around saying its secrets were revealed by aliens from another planet… But who could take such rumors seriously after years of war propaganda?


Dust 1947

Dust 1947 Blutkreuz Starter Set


Dust 1947

Dust 1947 Battlegroup PLA Chinese Army Starter Set


Check out the Dust Enlist app for free army building anywhere on the Google Play store.

Dust Enlist
The DUST 1947 ENLIST app allows you to create, customize and save armies using the updated DUST roster, including factions and platoons for all four Blocs. The app also helps you keep track of your owned, primed and painted minis.




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