Today Dan Verssen Games announced an exciting addition to their current Kickstarter 1500 – The New World. All backers who pledge for The Colonist level of 1500 and above will receive an exclusive zombie hostiles deck for use with both Warfighter Modern and WWII  for free!

Zombie cycle

There have been strange goings on in Haigerloch, Germany. Your squad has been ordered to investigate disturbing reports intercepted by Allied High Command. Scuttlebutt says the Germans are building a weapon capable of destruction on a scale the world has never seen, while others whisper an even stranger tale, of the dead roaming the countryside. With a mix of utter disbelief and trepidation, you saddle up your troops and head out on your recon.

Little do you know that you are the world’s only hope…

Zombie Officer

Project Uranverein

By Dan Verssen

July 1944 – Haigerloch, Germany

The reactor was housed in a crumbling stone cellar. It was of course a primitive device, being one of the first in the world to ever be constructed.

It had already been moved out of Berlin to escape the constant rain of Allied bombs. Now, it sat in a shadowed cellar as Nazi scientists worked tirelessly under the direct orders of The Fuhrer to unlock the secrets of the atom. The superstitious members of the staff slept fitfully. They all knew that just beyond the perimeter lay the Black Forest, and with it, all the childhood fairy tales of monsters, and things that crept around at night to devour wayward travelers. Their only solace was the reinforced army division stationed nearby, tasked with guarding their vital efforts.

The scientists had worked at a feverish pace for months. All safety precautions had long since been revoked by high command, since they only slowed progress. Everyone in Berlin knew that time was slipping by and with it, any hopes of winning the war. No one wanted to be the one to travel to the Eagle’s Nest fortress high in the mountains outside Berchtesgaden and be the one to deliver the news that the war was indeed lost. Delivering such news to The Fuhrer would not end well.

So, orders came straight from the highest levels in Berlin, and the safety precautions were removed, work shifts were extended, and the pace increased. Everyone tending the reactor knew that a disaster was inevitable, but they had no way of knowing how gruesome it would be.

The disaster happened just before midnight on Friday the 13th, during the second week of October. The long-abused reactor went into melt-down. This had happened before, but the reactor was doing so more and more frequently. As per procedure, the staff opened the valves to flood the chamber with water from an underground spring. As they stumbled about, the fatigue from being on duty for days on end took its toll. They forgot to turn on the recovery pumps, and instead of collecting the contaminated water, it instead flowed out of the cellar and into a nearby stream. It continued to flow for almost a week.

Within days, the locals became terrified of the bewitched rivers and lakes that glowed green at night. The scientists instantly knew what had happened, and in terror, a few tried to notify Berlin of the catastrophe. They were led to the communication’s room, and shot in the back of head by the commanding officer.

There would be no communications.

There would be no reports of failure.

The Fuhrer would have his prize.


To use with Warfighter WWII…

Your squad is assigned to the Haigerloch area in Germany, while carrying out a mission, you come across these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.


To use with Warfighter Modern…

If you are playing a NATO team: Your squad is deployed on a NATO training exercise near Haigerloch, Germany. Several German units also in the area have stopped reporting. You are ordered in to investigate. Once in the area, you come across a hidden WWII-era underground base that was recently discovered by the locals. You soon encounter these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.

If you are playing a non-NATO team: You are on a covert mission inside German borders. You come across a hidden WWII-era underground base that was recently discovered by the locals. You soon encounter these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.


To check out the 1500 – The New World head over to Kickstarter now.


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