Save England the world from the Martian Tripods in DVG’s Solitaire board game! Based on the classic novel by H. G. Wells!

The War of the Worlds is a solitaire board game that puts you in command of the Human forces in a desperate attempt to defend Earth against the invading Martian Tripods! You can work alone, or cooperatively, to defend Humankind against the AI controlled Martian forces.

Individually, players take the helm of one of several nations, planning and executing its defense. With the League of Terran Nations cooperative rules, individual nations are linked together, allowing gamers to collectively plan and carry out the overall defense of Earth, and repel the alien invaders.

The War of the Worlds is a low complexity board game for gamers, science fiction fans, and anyone who likes an easy to play game with good decision-making. Each game takes only an hour or so to play. There are only 4 days left on the project, so don’t miss out!


Find out more about The War of the Worlds on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: The War of the Worlds


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