FAITH: A Garden in Hell has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter with 18 days to go, and now the campaign aims to unlock some cool stretch goals before reaching the finish line. Here’s what’s been announced so far:

  • £11,500: the campaign gets +4 pages of lore and a detailed map depicting the Alterant’s Tower, the home of a powerful enemy scientist.
  • £13,000: the campaign gets +4 pages of lore and a detailed map of the Gamma Camp and its surroundings, the HQ of the Coalition forces.
  • £14,000: five new Boss cards are added to the Relic Harvester pledge for free, and made available  as an add-on for the rest.

The Boss cards were one of the highlights of last year’s Faith campaign. They showcase formidable bosses that players will encounter in their adventures, who might find the demise of the entire group if they are not careful. And if last year’s campaign was anything to go by, surely Burning Games has something else saved up their sleeves.

Faith: A Garden in Hell is an RPG starter set in a box that includes a full blown campaign with an introductory scenario for beginner GMs and players. Just as other Faith products, it features artwork created by some of the best artists in the industry and everything comes cards, from NPCs to gear and pieces of equipment. Here’s one of the new Gear cards, shared exclusively for Club Fantasci readers:

Vanguard Suit Card

Vanguard Suit Card

“The VANGUARD SUIT: There are few things in the galaxy that inspire pride in the way a freshly fitted Vanguard Suit does. In order for the suit to function, its sensors and stealth modules must be perfectly in sync to avoid any distortion. Because of this, they must be tailored for a specific owner making them very expensive. Vanguard suits tend to be very ornate as their owners take pride in wearing them” – Art and text by Marco Brunelleschi