Halfsies Dice


Halfsies Dice” are a simple design: half one color, half another, with a subtle blending where the colors
merge. The dice offered in this campaign have the added qualities of a semi-translucent nature and a
pearlescent swirl, but the design remains the same: half and half. Surely these must already exist? So
thought designer, John Wrot!, when he (unknowingly) set out on this endeavor. Seeking to enhance his
company’s debut game with some high quality d20’s, he searched far and wide for a producer of dice
that are half one color and half another. After much searching and consultation, he could be sure of it:
they did not yet exist!
Not willing to settle for anything but the original promise to his backers, John set out to make these dice
a reality. Panda GM, through which he produced his first game, was cooperative and found some dice
manufacturers that would give it a shot, and voila, Halfsies Dice were born.

Halfsies dice
Collectors will want to be a part of this never-before-seen design, but your average gamer will want in as
well. The dice are simply beautiful, and backers will choose which color combinations are produced.
Buy-in is “as low as we could get it,” at $12 for one full, 7-piece set of dice. The campaign goal, $19,000,
will make 3 predetermined color sets (based in greens, yellows, and blues) available. Each stretch goal
after that will unlock a new color combination, all of which will be backer-chosen: by backer-vote on
backer-suggested colors. The final stretch goal will unlock an item that half-and-half anything would be
amiss without: a yin-yang black-and-white design. The campaign will run from February 16 – March 21.

Halfsies Dice
John Wrot! has received attention from the gaming community for some innovative and effective relaunch strategies from his first Kickstarter journey in 2013, and for his Kickstarter Advice Column – a detailed tutorial designed to help just about anyone make Kickstarter dreams a reality. He runs his company, Gate Keeper Games, from Alhambra, CA, where he lives with his wife and brand-new baby boy.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwrot/halfsies-dice