Publisher: Gate Keeper Games

Players: Everyone

Ages: All ages

Playing Time: A lifetime

Kickstarter Pledge: $9.00


Roll them bones!

Today I’m doing a quick-take preview of a really neat accessory to add to your gaming collection, Halfsies dice. Halfsies are high quality dice with a vibrant, jewel-like quality sure to brighten up your gaming table. Even their d4’s are beautiful, and what are those much maligned pyramids good for anyway? Well, aside as caltrops to slow down your opponent from reaching the table I can’t think of much, but I do at least like to look at these ones.

Halfsies in Texas

Halfsies dice shine as bright as the stars here in the heart of Texas

These tasty gems sport a two-toned look with rounded corners and prominent marbling, making the numbers pop very well. Halfsies dice have a nice heft, and the engraved numbers are easily read from any location at the table thanks to picture perfect paint application. This is important because dice pips and numbers often don’t get a good enough paint job at the factory, causing them to fade or chip over time. Quality dice don’t suffer from that, and I feel confident that Halfies are of the caliber to stand up to heavy use without issue.

Halfsies dice are currently making their way around the globe as part of the Halfsies dice World Tour. A clever way of spreading the word and love of these sets of polyhedral bones across the gaming world.

If you’re a bit of a dice snob like me, go treat yourself and add a couple sets of these top-notch shakers to your collection. They may not change your luck but they will surely change the look and mood of your tabletop adventures!


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Note: A review copy of these dice were provided to me.


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