Tony Chernoff of Panini Games was kind enough to give David Lowry a demo of their new Justice League Trading Card Game at Gen Con 2017. Watch as Tony runs through the demo deck with a Gen Con attendee to a good look at this exciting new game!

Panini Games returns with the Justice League Trading Card Game! Lead all of your favorite Justice League characters into battle! This competitive, simple to learn game combines the best superheroes and most treacherous villains in a fun and strategic trading card game. Collect over 200+ character, event, and battle cards to find the best strategy to defeat your opponent in the Battle Zone.


Justice League Trading Card Game


The Justice League Trading Card Game features a 218-card base set including 40 rare and 2 ultra rare cards!

The Justice League Trading Card Game Starter Box comes with 50 cards per pack. Each starter deck comes with a 40-card preconstructed deck and 10 random parallels.


Justice League Trading Card Game

Firestorm Card


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