A 2017 Calendar featuring some of the coolest and prettiest board games of all time.
The 2017 Calendar will cover twelve months and comes in two versions. A Base Calendar where the photos are pre-picked or a Custom Calendar where you get to pick the photos that go in it!


• 12 months
• 11×17 inches when open
• Major Holidays & Geek Holidays

Base Calendar


• You Pick The 12 Photos That go In it (from the 216 photos below)
• You Pick 4* Custom Holidays to be added to it
• 11×17 inches when open
• Major Holidays & Geek Holidays
*NOTE: There is an add-on this year so you can upgrade to 10 Custom Holidays!


Prints can be selected from any of the photos available for the Custom Calendar. The small print will be printed at 12 x18 and come unframed. The large print will be printed at 20 x 30 and come unframed.

The 2017 Gaming Calendar is already funded with 15 days to go and there are several add-on options available for your choosing. If you’re looking for an excellent accessory to your gaming room or you office at work, don’t miss out on this one!

Find out more about 2017 Gaming Calendar on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: 2017 Gaming Calendar


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