Gain fame, riches and a new home as the Vikings voyaging to England, or defend your Kingdom and Christendom from the pagan hordes!

878 Vikings is an area control game in which 2 – 4 players play as the invading Vikings or the English nobles who are trying to withstand the invasion. Viking players control the Norsemen Viking freemen and the fearless Viking shock troops known as Berserkers. The English control the King’s Housecarls and the landholding Thegn noblemen.

878 Vikings Components

Players for each side work together in order to coordinate their strategies. The English start the game controlling all of England, but then the Viking players invade from the sea to strike deep into English territory! Players decide when to end the game by calling for the Treaty of Wedmore. The team controlling the most cities by the end of that round wins the game.

Vikings Miniatures

This is the first game in the Birth of Europe series and Academy Games is offering several add-ons for those looking to further enhance their gaming experience. Leader and building miniatures will look fantastic on the playing surface, just as they did with Mare Nostrum last year.

Vikings Building Miniatures

878 Vikings – Invasions of England has 29 days remaining and is already funded, with nearly twenty stretch goals already unlocked! More stretch goals are listed with many more planned as funding levels increase. If you’re a fan of the Birth of America series from Academy Games, this is one to not miss out on!

Find out more about 878 Vikings – Invasions of England on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: 878 Vikings – Invasions of England


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