Ascended Kings – Battle Royal Game & Companion Graphic Novel. No player elimination. Fight to reclaim your immortality!

The thirst for power is never quenched. 

In the game of Ascended Kings, you have been set with an ultimatum; face each King in combat to the death or let Empyrnea and all you hold dear, fall. You and up to three other players each choose from one of the Ascended Kings® and take to the arena… prepared to decide the fate of all, on the outcome of a single battle.


The Ascended Kings board game is a high fantasy battle royal game with no player elimination and includes miniatures, cards, dice, and gemstones. As walls of fire close in around the combatants, the Kings engage in free for all combat to the death—their sights set on taking the bloodstones from their rival Kings. As Kings fall, players are reborn in the fight as powerful entities known as Revenants. Regardless of the number of times a Revenant falls, it will continue to return to the fight, allowing each player the opportunity to win until the very end. The Omega Stone, fabled to hold ultimate power, will be revealed to the King or Revenant able to possess all four bloodstones.

Available here only on Kickstarter, backers of the game will receive two additional 50mm miniatures, the Apsu reversible playmat, and 18 new cards. Everything you’ll need to rise victorious!


Ascended Kings: The Fall of Empyrnea is a 60-page, fantasy hardcover graphic novel based on the arena combat board game centered around the four kings of Empyrnea. The graphic novel follows each king separately, before weaving the four story arcs together in an unforgettable arena combat climax. Each king originates from a completely different land and culture and has dominion over a unique form of energy. Multiple layers of detail and story lore make the graphic novel an extremely rich and engaging experience.


Game Highlights

  • No player elimination
  • Return as a Revenant upon death
  • Fire Walls close in around the players
  • Use Dice and Cards to attain various Gemstones
  • Use Gemstones to perform actions
  • Obtain bloodstones by slaying your opponents
  • Reunite the 4 bloodstones to reveal the Omega Stone
  • Claim Omega to win the game!


There are 29 days left to fund Ascended Kings. Be sure to check it out on Kickstarter now!

Find out more about Ascended Kings on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Ascended Kings


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