Three amazing new wallet games! Choose one, two or all three. Low priced with free US shipping & delivered to you in just a few months!

ButtonShy is shifting gears this year by tripling up and releasing three games at a time. This makes it easier to deliver more games quickly while saving shipping costs for backers.

First is Avignon: Pilgrimage, a standalone expansion to last year’s best-selling game, Avignon: A Clash of Popes. This is a 2 player influence manipulation game that has touches of chess with more modern card abilities mixed in.



The second game is Turbo Drift, a 2-4 player racing game set in the Japanese mountain passes of the late 1970’s. Players will draft cards and use tactile placement to navigate the playing surface. This is a highly portable racing game, with no actual track.

Turbo Drift

Turbo Drift

And finally there’s Find Your Seats, a 3-4 player drafting game about party planners that are having a terrible day. You’ll try to seat characters next to each other in front of you, and connected to the players next to you, in a way to gain you the most points. Check out my review to learn more about this quick-playing drafting game.

Find Your Seats

Find Your Seats

Both Turbo Drift and Find Your Seats were runner up winners of our 2016 Wallet Game contest.

The ButtonShy Triple Play has 12 days remaining, is unlocking stretch goals with many more to come. If you’re looking for highly portable, entertaining filler games, this is one to not miss!

Find out more about ButtonShy Triple Play on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: ButtonShy Triple Play


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