Will you survive in a hostile alien planet? Do you have what it takes to defeat a Ravager Queen? Join us to discover it!

Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game that allows you to determine your own fate with a card based mechanic, and puts the art on the table to immerse you in your character and the story.

The setting tells stories about inter-species politics, undercover operations, business deals, space exploration, and fighting uncanny enemies. At its core, it’s about finding your true self and following it to the direst of consequences. When you do, one of the five gods will reward you with soulbending powers so that you may forge the destiny of the Universe.

Faith’s mechanics revolve around the use of an illustrated poker deck to solve actions and confrontations. Each player, including the GM, will draw up to 7 cards (8 if your character is human) they’ll use to determine their fate during confrontations.

Combined with a Skill-Attribute system that dictates your base action value and how many cards you can play to increase that value, this creates the core of a system that allows you to manage your luck:

  • Not much at stake? Play your low cards.
  • Want to succeed at all costs? Play your court cards.

Faith is a game about storytelling how you want to, instead of letting the dice decide.

FAITH: Garden in Hell Expansion Components

A Garden in Hell gives you a complete pick-up-and-play campaign containing everything you need to roleplay in the Faith Universe right out of the box.

It includes an overhauled rulesetnew gear and equipment cards, a player deck, and most importantly, a 64 page-long campaign that will take you to uncharted territory, right into the ravager’s den.

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is fully funded with 18 days to go and has begun working towards unlocking some pretty cool stretch goals.

Find out more about FAITH: A Garden in Hell on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: FAITH: A Garden in Hell


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