Build beautiful groves, manage your elemental spirits and earn the most dominion in this board game for 1-4 players, ~60 minutes.

Build groves to expand your realm, manage your pool of spirits, and optimize your resource production to become the ruler of Idyllon!

Idyllon was the crown jewel of Faerie Queen Nivarra’s kingdom, Once upon a time. Since her passing, this once great land has dissolved into a formless void. While all of the Fae kingdom has mourned this tremendous loss, you – the Guardians of the Four Winds – have vowed to restore Idyllon to its former glory.

Groves Game

Groves is a unique strategy game that combines worker placement with bag building. There are multiple worker types that a guardian can summon to reap the benefits of the land. Using any worker-type will gain you a land’s ability but using a worker that is elementally linked to that land type will also earn you an additional ability to edge you closer to gaining the crown.

Groves Tiles

Playing in other players’ groves may also work to your advantage; however, although you will be able to gain the ability of the land, your sprits will end up in your opponents’ summoning bag. Can you build your grove and manage your pool of spirits to become the new Ruler of Idyllon?

Groves Cards

To win, players must make the most of their realm by adding new Groves to gain Dominion Points and new abilities. They must also optimize their draws by adding new, helpful Spirits while banishing unwanted Spirits to the Tree of Idyll or to their opponents’ realms.

Groves has 25 days to go and is already funded. Three stretch goals are already unlocked with more to come to further enhance your gaming experience. If you’re a fan of tile laying or bag builder games, this is a perfect fit for you!


Find out more about Groves on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Groves


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