Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.

In Legends Untold 1 to 4 players* take on the role of unlikely heroes, the final hope of a conquered people.  Starting with only your wits and a crude weapon you will explore the Weeping Caves trying to gain access to the great free city of Dun Mordhain.


Legends Untold is inspired by “Choose your own adventure” books, RPGs, and fantasy board games. It offers a deep adventuring experience that sets up in 5 minutes, has no player downtime and you can finish in an hour. Up to 8 players can join in if more than one pack is purchased.

This isn’t just hack n’ slash game, in Legends Untold you can disarm or bypass traps, navigate obstacles, investigate curiosities and encounter NPCs. Surprise mechanics which reward scouting and good marching order decisions assist rapid, interactive combat, where you can help or hinder your colleagues with historic weapons which perform differently from one another. Advantage/disadvantage rules require teamwork and utilize a range of upgrades and choices to help build your hero.


Modular Hero build, 1000s of combinations with no restrictions. The game can be played solo or coop as no GM is required.  Add a GM and you can play it as an RPG!

Legends Untold is designed to give you a different experience every time. The base Caves set has over 360,000 possible maps which you will create as you explore. Dynamic environments produce physical effects like floods and cave ins. Mix any foe with any environment. Play Goblins in Caves or Lizardmen in Sewers or Undead in Crypts or mix them up as you desire. Or combine them all to create a Multi Environment Giant Adventure (MEGA) game.

Legends Untold has 18 days remaining and is currently funded with ten stretch goals unlocked and more waiting to be unlocked. If you’re looking for multi-use dungeon crawler that can be played solitaire or with a group, this is for you.

Find out more about Legends Untold on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Legends Untold


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