Cooperatively race against the clock & fight the invading rogue AI robot army while gaining intel to hack machines and stop Metal Dawn!

Metal Dawn is a new sci-fi action-adventure cooperative game from Everything Epic (Publishers of the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China the Game, Rambo: the Board Game, Secrets of the Lost Tomb).

Designed by Chris Batarlis (SotLT and Big Trouble in Little China: the Game) and Steve Avery (Nothing Personal, Ta Da) with 80’s, Sci-fi, artwork from Shane Braithwaite and Jim Samartino.

Core Game Components

In Metal Dawn, players move around Washington D.C. protecting the hot zones from the oncoming robotic forces of Dominus, a Rogue Artificial Intelligence Defense Satellite that has become self-aware and has decided to destroy humanity.  While fending off the countless cyborgs, drones, and exterminators, players must collect intel to use in hacking Dominus eventually getting it to land on Earth making it vulnerable to direct attack. In order to win the game and save all of humankind, players must destroy Dominus in his transformed state before the “Metal Dawn Track” exceeds 10 and Metal Dawn triggers!

Metal Dawn Board

Players control 2 Agents, each with their own unique special ability that’s different in every game. Each player is assigned control of a different Division of “The Agency”, with control over a big once per game power. This provides more replayability and that “Varied Player Power” experience that thematic and euro gamers love.

While moving around Washington D.C., your Agents must equip themselves with Weapons and Gear to defend the capital. Additionally, they must use the Zone’s abilities to further their goals. When the machines invade zones, overflowing them with their inhuman power, will the Agents be able to take them down using their elite skills and special abilities? Maybe you’ll find a Rocket Launcher you can use against the bots. Perhaps a jetpack will get you where you need to go just in the nick of time. You may use an intel at the right moment to eliminate a group of bots before they can overrun a zone, or perhaps save that intel to use in hacking Dominus to eventually have it transform into Robot Dominus!

Deluxe Game Components

Deluxe Game Components

The Deluxe Edition adds even more content, including the Tech War expansion that offers a competitive game experience. Using many of the same mechanics, players can battle for supremacy of Washington after Dominus has been defeated!

Metal Dawn has 18 days to go and is already funded. Multiple stretch goals are listed to add more content to your gaming experience. If you’re looking for a cooperative game to play with your friends, with the option to extend the fun to adversarial play, this one’s for you!


Find out more about Metal Dawn on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Metal Dawn


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