Re-fight the single most important campaign of World War 2 in this medium complexity wargame, using wooden blocks for “fog of war.”

Moscow ’41 is a new game from VentoNuovo Games about World War 2 on the Eastern Front. There are many games that cover the entire war, including VentoNuovo’s own, “Blocks in the East”. This concentrates on the most important campaign of the war. Looking back, we can say with certainty that, for the Germans to win, they had to capture Moscow and they had to do it in 1941. Can you?

Moscow 41 components

Moscow ’41 aims to give players a small sense of the chaos and balancing acts that both sides had to deal with in this massive campaign. The German armies are strung out for miles behind their starting units start on the edge of the map. They can be combined into a very powerful war machine if they can be consolidated and apply their artillery and air power.

Moscow 41 Board

The wooden blocks in the game provide easy displays of a unit’s strength and abilities while adding the “fog of war” which adds tension and excitement. Moscow ’41 is perfect for two players and surprisingly interesting for solo play as well.

Moscow ’41 is already funded and well into stretch goals with 27 days remaining on the project. There are some excellent add-ons, including the option to get Blocks in the East as a reward!


Find out more about Moscow ‘41 on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Moscow ‘41


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