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A holy knight, a defender of the realm and its people, an example of nobility, strenth and resilience – the Paladin. A name that sets a new industry standard for all who love their games and believe the best possible protection from damage and wear.

Paladin Sleeve sizes

Paladin Card Protection was established by and experienced team of designers and publishers, but – first and foremost – passionate fans of tabletop games. We believe that our desire to preserve the games we play for years is shared by true gamers around the world.

There are at least three great reasons to choose Paladin as your brand of card sleeves:

  1. Our card protectors areextremely durable. With a thickness of 90 microns, Paladin Card Protectors will prevail in the harshest gaming conditions, while still keeping the the combined height of sleeved decks reasonable.
  2. State of the art manufacturing technology ensures the highest clarity standards. Paladin Card Protectors are acid and PVC free, which means they are not only tough and safe to use, but they also allow you to fully enjoy the cards you protect.
  3. Paladin Card Protectors come in packs of 55. This ensures that you will never have to buy one extra packet just to sleeve those extra 5 cards that come with the game – or the 2 extra cards you need to add to your customizable, collectible or trading card game tournament deck.

new industry standard

Paladin Card Protectors has 11 days remaining and has already funded, five stretch goals have already been unlocked and more are waiting. If you’re looking for some top quality card protectors in a much needed 55 card pack, give this one a look!

Find out more about Paladin Card Protectors on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Paladin Card Protectors


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