Move, plot and fight competitively, cooperatively or solitaire, in a fast and furious mini dungeon crawler of epic proportions!

Enter the world of Mistfall and Heart of the Mists once again. Forge its dark legends in Shadowscape; a game of strategic movement, smart tableau building and hand management, played on a randomized board in no more than 60 minutes!

The core of the game can be explained in 5 simple steps:

  1. Perform2 Actions by exhausting skill cards to move, fight, search, heal, or draw Fate cards.
  2. Boost Actionswith Fate cards in hand.
  3. Flipexhausted cards to reveal new options.
  4. Claimobjectives, loot and new skills.
  5. Drawa Fate card to move enemies.


Shadowscape is chock full of great components to absorb you in your dungeon crawling adventures!

220 cards:

  • 60 Fate Cards
  • 25 Room Cards
  • 13 Hero Cards
  • 52 Hero Action Cards
  • 16 General Action Cards
  • 9 Enemy Cards
  • 17 Equipment Cards
  • 19 Whisper Cards
  • 5 Lord of the Dungeon Cards
  • 4 Player Aid Card

106 tokens:

  • 30 Enemy tokens
  • 10 Treasure tokens
  • 40 Wound tokens
  • 13 Hero tokens
  • 5 Lord of the Dungeon tokens


Hearoes of Mistfall Miniatures Pack can also be used as an accessory with Heart of the Mistsand Mistfall!

Shadowscape has 19 days remaining and is currently funded with several stretch goals unlocked and more on tap. If you’re looking for a dungeon crawler, give this one a look!

Find out more about Shadowscape on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Shadowscape


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