A high fantasy themed strategic card game with unit positioning, resource management, and high replay value for 2-6 players.

Can you draw upon the power of the speaking stones, and prepare for the upcoming battle against Tenebris? Build your team to suit your strategy, and defeat your opponents in this skirmish style card game for 2-6 players!


In the Stonebound Saga you and your opponent control a group of ‘Stonebound’; those from the world of Telios who have responded to the ‘Speaking Stones’. These Speaking Stones began humming and pulsing when the lost city of Lux reappeared after disappearing thousands of years ago. Those who respond to the stones and hone their power become known as Stonebound. These stones are equipped to their weapons and armor to enable feats of incredible power and skill unlike anything the world has seen.

Stonebound Cards

Players pre-construct or draft teams of stonebound who are training against each other in preparation for an impending battle against a force known as Tenebris.

Stonebound Dashboards

There are 35 unique characters for players to choose their teams from spanning 7 different character classes. Players track their character’s stats and abilities using dashboards with sliders to track dynamic stats, and pegs to track activated abilities. Each stonebound comes with two ability cards that are placed into each dashboard.

Stonebound Saga has 25 days to go and is nearly funded. Multiple stretch goals are listed, waiting to be unlocked to further enhance your gaming experience. If you like strategic card games, give this one a look!


Find out more about Stonebound Saga on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Stonebound Saga


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