Dan Verssen Games (DVG) brings their popular tactical card game series Warfighter to World War II!

Warfighter – WWII is an easy to learn tactical card game for 1 – 6 players that plays in about an hour and can be enjoyed solitaire or cooperatively with your friends against the system as you complete squad-level combat missions during World War II.

WWII warfighter tactical display

The Kickstarter has different reward levels for you to choose from; you can pledge for the Warfighter – WWII core game by itself or you can add all 4 expansions providing you with more actions, equipment, weapons and skills. Once you have the complete set you can play as, or against, the Americans, British, or Germans in post D-Day Europe. For the completionist, the Captain level rewards you with both the Modern and WWII Warfighter games, including all expansions and the footlocker!

Warfighter Cards

The Warfighter system creates an incredibly deep narrative with every attack. As you eliminate soldiers, you gain experience to Upgun your Action cards, play Support cards, and activate special Skills.

Warfighter Tokens

The game has a new combat system which takes into account the fire mode selected for your weapon, range to target, ammo consumption, suppression fire, and cover – all in the same dice roll!

The project is already funded with 11 days remaining and has unlocked 7 fantastic stretch goals already. The next stretch goal is a big one, two new additional expansions that bring the Soviet Army into the mix. After that, Poland is the next target for the stretch goal list so don’t miss out!

Find out more about Warfighter – WWII on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Warfighter – WWII


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