A roleplaying assistant compatible with all tabletop RPGs. With robust tools for GMs, groups, and players.

Ever spend a frustrating hour looking for a missing character sheet? Ever wanted to play a spontaneous game while visiting a friend but your characters and dice were home? Ever wanted to adapt your fantasy character into a cyberpunk campaign without spending all night rewriting stats and skills? Do you have a group of players who can’t make the same “live” game, some of whom want to participate remotely? Would you like to be able to send campaign information and adjust XP on the fly during a game – even for players who aren’t able to attend the “live” game?

All of these and many other features are a part of the Wildside Gaming System app, which can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The app incorporates the rich worldbuilding tools of the Wildside Gaming System, 2nd edition with features that can be used “off-the-shelf” for many popular RPGs, or customized for your own “house rules” or homebrewed roleplaying system.

Wildside Info

While there are other tabletop RPG packages available, 1) most of them are not apps that will run on a phone or tablet or use cellular data; they require a laptop or tabletop computer and internet connection to use some or all functionality and 2) most are developed by hobbyists rather than professional writers, artists, and web developers. The Wildside Gaming app is professionally coded, which means an easy, user-friendly product that enhances your tabletop experience rather than taking away gaming time as you try to figure out how to use it. This app is designed not to replace the pen and paper system, but to enhance it, so you’ll never lose a character sheet or spend hours looking through supplements for a missing magic item or critter description again.

Character Sheet

Character Sheet

A free app for players (with in-app purchases for GMing functions), the Wildside Gaming System app includes:

FREE features

Roll up Characters – create, copy, modify, update, print characters and archive past characters

Spells – More than 10,000 available spells in 14 classes of magic

Groups – Join a group created by your GM or other open groups

Dice – Roll dice either privately or shared with your group. Customize for a wide variety of rolling systems, and incorporate bonuses

Avatars and Skins – change the look of the game and assign an avatar to each of your characters
Maps – view and search campaign and dungeon maps created by your GM or purchased as add-ons

Remote Gaming – supports text, audio, and video chatting with other members of your group, either during games or separately for planning sessions
Badges and Collectables – collect badges for playing the game and for unlocking new things in game

eBooks – thousands of fantasy, science fiction and gaming-related ebooks from The Wildside Press, available as in-game specials, as daily prizes, or for purchase in the store using in-game currency

GM Mapping Feature

GM Mapping Feature

GM Features

The GM upgrade includes all of the additional features needed to run a group or create a campaign.

Monsters – stats and thumbnail descriptions for more than 500 creatures

Treasure – more than 10,000 random magic items, and searchable treasure lists

Characters – customize skills and backgrounds available depending on the campaign you’re running

Campaigns and NPCs – create your own campaigns using Wildside’s robust worldbuilding tools or your own design style

Maps – use powerful GIS (Geographical Information System) software to create and tag searchable maps for players, and to add gridlines, terrain features, or furnishings as desired

Music – create and share playlists, which can be “attached” to campaign events or objects or locations, so you can choreograph music for a battle or a cantina scene

And much, much more…

Wildside Gaming System is currently over 20% funded with 18 days to go and with a host of great stretch goals remaining to be unlocked. If you’re an avid RPG player be sure to check this one out!


Find out more about Wildside Gaming System – Free Tabletop Roleplaying App on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Wildside Gaming System – Free Tabletop Roleplaying App


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