Space Movers 2201

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Space Movers 2201 is a cooperative sci-fi adventure set in the year 2201. In this game you play the role of one of the crew members on board the space ship Liberty. Your job as a Mover is to jump from planet to planet in the system picking up and delivering cargo. Movers specialize in getting cargo to its destination as efficiently as possible. As you deliver cargo, you are rewarded with resources that are needed to keep the Liberty flying. But you must do this without drawing too much attention from the Universal Oversight.

Universal Oversight (UO) is the government elected by the planets to police the system. The UO watches all movement through the system in an attempt to keep order. Over time it has become corrupt and evil. UO Scouts are sometimes dispatched to chase down and interrogate Mover that have been spotted delivering cargo. They are looking to confiscate anything that might be a threat to the UO’s power. If you draw the eye of the UO too often, your job will eventually become impossible You and your fellow players must work together to deliver cargo, avoid UO Scouts and quickly handle any obstacles that pop up along the way.

The win the game, you need to complete a set of five Objective Cards. These cards directly continue the story that begins in the included comic book Finding Liberty. – KnA Games

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Components


Publisher: KnA Games

Game Designer: Kevin & April Cox

Artwork: Jon Hrubesch

Players: 2 – 7

Ages: 13+

Playing Time: 60 Minutes or more

Game Mechanics: Pickup and Deliver, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling

Contents: Finding Liberty Comic Book, Rulebook, Game Board, 2 Ship Miniatures, 1 Green Liberty Resource Pawn, 1 Purple UO Presence Pawn, 9 UO Eye Markers, 20 Cargo Cubes, 1 UO Coin Token, 7 Character Cards, 7 Character Tokens, 1 Drone Token, 8 Plastic Stands, 7 Character Dice, 1 Blank Dice, 1 Double Sided Roll Board, 1 Box Stand, 60 Card Draw Deck and 5 Card Objective Deck

Suggested Retail Price: Coming to Kickstarter September 5th, 2014

Parental Advisory: Safe For Kids

Awards: N/A

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Set-Up

Space Movers 2201 is a cooperative style game that reminds of Firefly (not the game, the show) that finds its history in the comic Finding Liberty, that is a tribute to the great sci-fi adventures of the 70’s and 80’s. This is the flavor that Space Movers 2201 brings to the table (no pun intended… wait… yes it was.) Space Movers 2201 also comes a comic book called Finding Liberty and also with a 5-song soundtrack that you can have running in the background to add to the ambience and deepens the thematic experience players will have while playing this game.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Liberty Comic Book And Agenda Cards

Players work together trying to pick up and deliver cargo and meet the objective cards to win the game. Characters with special skills and powers give each character a different flavor even when a few of the character may share a skill or two. Characters not being run by players will be used in a non-player character variant that allows all their skills to still be used during the game. Some of the skills you will be using are Piloting, Psychic, Communications, Mechanical, Navigation, Engineering, Medical, Strength and Intelligence. Each character comes with its own colored die that will be used during skill checks. The current player decides who will participate in the skill check and if or when a non-pc will be used. The currently player will roll the dice for the non-pc’s.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Cargo Card

Along the board, players have routes in which they move between planets picking up and dropping off cargo. Some of these routes are restricted requiring a skill check to move along. All the while you are avoiding the UO Scout Ship that is out on patrol. There are consequences that come with running into the UO Scout Ship so be careful or you might end up in an interrogation room or possible loose the game depending on the UO Pursuit Card in play.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 UO Pursuit Card

Players in the game will have to handle not only UO Pursuit Cards that usually are associated with some kind of skill check, but also Event Cards that usually don’t help the players or maybe haven them pick up left over cargo, Reaction Cards which help the players with a response to other cards or give benefits and Cargo Cards which tell the players where to pick up and drop off cargo. This provides a lot of the feel and theme that go on in Space Movers 2201. There is a lot of action going on due to these cards.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Event Card

Also on the board are both ships, the Liberty and the UO Ship. The Liberty Ship space is sectioned of into different areas that players can activate for benefits such as the Bridge, Kitchen, Drone Room or Medical Bay. The UO Ship Space is where the UO Ship Miniature comes into play as a starting location and interrogation may happen.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers UO Pursuit Card

Along either side of the board are bars that track stats. The UO Presence Bar tracks how many UO Eye Tokens are on the board. The more tokens the more likely the players will suffer a penalty on a location for their skill checks. The Resource Bar is the amount of energy the Liberty has and if it runs out, the players loose the game.

The dice mechanic is the real interesting thing in this game that sets it apart from others. Players roll their 10-sided die into a box hoping to get a result of 5 or better to be effective. All players involved in the skill check must roll a 5 or better or the check fails. However, if a player rolls less than 5, the next player has the opportunity to hit the failed die with their own hoping to bump it to a pass result. The currently player rolls one blank die at the end to try to hit any failed die or if all have passed to try to miss them all. The blank die must be rolled at the end of the check. Also, there are two different board that may be used to roll on. One is just a blank board, not benefits or penalties to it, the other side however has two spots each that either make any die touching an immediate pass no matter what was rolled or consequently two spots that make any dice touching it fail no matter what was rolled.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers Line-Up

Being that this as yet to hit Kickstarter , things may change in the look or the mechanics but the artwork is top-notch. It is engaging, fun and really, really well done. The components are even in the prototype are very well done as well. The folks at KnA Games have gone out of their way to send out a very high quality prototype. It gives me great hope in the final product.

Space Movers 2201 will be hitting Kickstarter on September 5th 2014 so make sure you keep an eye out for it, budget appropriately to back it and spread the word! I am expecting big things!


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Note: This is a paid preview of Space Movers 2201.


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