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David Lowry

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David Lowry of Club Fantasci will be live streaming Sunday night November 6th, from 7:00 – 11:00 pm CST from the game night at the Southern Hobby Supply Retail Expo in Nashville, TN to talk with publishers about their latest releases and upcoming projects that you can order through Southern Hobby Supplies

The Southern Hobby Supply Retail Expo is a chance for retailers to come and check out what Southern Hobby Supply has to offer in terms of distributorship, support and marketing. Don’t miss this chance to watch what Southern Hobby Supply is doing for the industry!


Live Stream of the Southern Hobby Supply Retail Expo in Nashville, TN Nov 6th, 2016 Timeline:

7:00 Tony Gullotti Arcane Wonders Royals
7:10 TBD Asmodee NA Arkham Horror The Card Game
7:20 Dan DiLorenzo R & R Games Touria
7:30 Brent Navratil USAopoly Harry Potter Battle Deck Building Game
7:40 Robert Derouin Japanime Games Heart of Crown Deck Building Game
7:50 Neal Rasmussen Legion Supplies Dragonstone Mine & Accessories
8:00 Sarah Erickson Renegade Game Studios The Blood of an Englishman
8:10 Ruby Nikolopoulou CMoN Bloodborne: The Card Game/Potion Explosion
8:20 Charles Agel Steamforged Guild Ball Kick Off! & Shadow Games
8:30 Erika Bird & Ken Hodkinson Bin’ Fa Bin’ Fa
8:40 Tony Chernoff Panini Afterworld
8:50 Michael Yichao WotC TBD
9:00 Robert Nicaise Foursight Games Fate of Akalon: Tribes
9:10 Randy Scheunemann Steve Jackson Games Simon’s Cat Card Game & Bill & Ted’s Excellent Board Game
9:20 Stephan Brissaud IELLO Kanagawa & Oceanos
9:30 Zach Weisman Calliope Games Menu Masters
9:40 Joshua Githens Czech Games Edition Adrenaline and Alchemists: The Kings Golem
9:50 Richard Dracass Upper Deck The Crow: Fire it Up
10:00 Steve Samson Bezier Games Colony & New York Slice
10:10 Mateusz Kałużny Q-Workshop Pathfinder Goblin dice set, Suicide Squad D6 dice set & Dice Bag
10:20 Grant Wilson Rather Dashing Games This Belongs in a Museum & Elements
10:30 Howard Hsu Dex Protection Supreme One Row, Game Chest, Pro-Line Binders
10:40 Jouni Jussila Playmore Games Race to the North Pole
10:50 Randall Ford Cryptozoic Entertainment Poker Assault
11:00 Travis Winter Atlas Games Hounded



The Live Stream will be on the Southern Hobby Supply YouTube channel.

Southern Hobby YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SouthernHobbySupply


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