Chicago, IL – Hyacinth Games – makers of the post-apocalyptic game Wreck-Age – are excited to announce that their latest Kickstarter project is now LIVE! This campaign is raising the funds to bring a range of post-apocalyptic vehicles (which work perfectly with 28-32mm miniatures) to market. These vehicles have been designed with Wreck-Age in mind, but Hyacinth Games also knows that these excellent vehicles will fit into almost any post-apocalyptic setting, either as mobile vehicles or as rusted terrain.

Included in the proposed range are two cars, one pick-up truck, two motorbikes, an ATV, and optional extras to create vehicles unique to your crews. Hyacinth Games has a number of great pledge levels planned, including a $75 pledge that nets you three vehicles of your choice and access to add-ons and stretch goals. This campaign will run for 30-days after its launch (on Friday, March 17th) and the team have some nifty stretch goals planned.

Hyacinth Games will be at AdeptiCon (Schaumburg, IL) on March 23-26 running loads of demo games and showing off the great vehicle designs they have for the campaign and answering any questions you may have. They are also supplying 1,500 Wreck-Age motorbikes for the AdeptiCon swag bags! Make sure you check out this awesome freebie in your bag when you get to the show, and visit the team at the Wreck-Age booth in the vendor hall for your free rider.

To keep up with the campaign on social media, via their official business page and the official Wreck-Age group page:


Twitter: WreckAgeRPG




Wreck-Age is both a skirmish-level tabletop miniatures game and RPG set in post-apocalyptic Earth, some 500 years in the future. Many factions fight over scarce resources in a desperate struggle to survive. For more details on the game, the setting, and the miniatures range head to


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