By now everyone is quite familiar with Zombicide, the action-packed zombie apocalypse board game series and perennial cash cow from CoolMiniOrNot which has spawned (pun intended) four Kickstarter projects to the tune of nearly $10 million and a metric ton of unique and amazing miniatures.

Fans of the series have long wrestled with finding a good storage solution, with most using Plano boxes or home built foam core as two of the top choices. What you may not know is that you can now cast aside those less than ideal options and instead get a tailor made, professional solution which not only protects all those fancy bits but makes setup a snap!

I’d heard rumblings last year that The Broken Token was being tabbed to manufacture the officially recognized organizer for CMON’s entire Zombicide line, which didn’t surprise me as I’ve always been a fan of their organizers. Every one that I’ve bought is nothing short of top notch, with solid production values and easy to assemble parts that come together with little effort. I first got to see them for myself at BGG CON when I sought out their booth and asked to take a glimpse at their soon to be released to the mass market Zombicide organizer.

After seeing how it was laid out, I snapped my plastic on the counter, brought one home and put it together immediately after the con. Construction was a cinch, taking about 40 minutes to put together all nine of the trays using the easy to follow instructions.

One of the nine high-quality storage trays in the organizer

One of the nine high-quality storage trays in the organizer

I did notice a couple of minor issues and since the instructions were still a work in progress, I messaged them with what I found. TBT was extremely receptive and appreciative of another set of eyes noticing the errors before being sent out to the public. They not only corrected them within hours but sent me a PDF to look over again. It was great to see that they took immediate action to fix the small issues and then took the extra step to follow up with me to show what they did, I was impressed. That’s A+ in my book!

For anyone not already familiar with The Broken Token they are one of the premiere manufacturers of board game organizers in the business. They pride themselves on making top of the line, durable organizers to help protect all of those bits and bobs inside of our prized games.

What makes TBT’s organizers so good is that they are designed to sort and hold every piece in a way that makes game setup and tear down faster and easier while still fitting in the original box and being extremely durable. I can attest to these trays being sturdy, even without adding any glue in construction they are built to tight enough tolerances to withstand some heavy manhandling. Each storage slot is labeled with its appropriate token so that you can put everything back in the correct place when setting it up for the first time and tearing down your game for storage.

Zombicide Storage All filled

Zombicide Storage Holding Season 1, TCM and AN expansions

The Zombicide season 1 organizer not only holds all of season 1’s tokens, player mats, cards and miniatures (including two zombie expansion sets), but I’ve also been able to fit everything from the Angry Neighbor’s and Toxic City Mall expansion’s including rule books and tiles in one box! What’s even better is that it does this without exploding the original box; in fact it helps preserve the box and all of the game bits by not having things shifting around and knocking into each other and tearing at the insides.

All of the trays are intended to be laid out on the table, making it easy to pull the tokens that you need during play. The card tray also doubles as a card and discard holder when placed on its side, saving you from messy decks with those itty-bitty cards that can scatter so easily.

Satisfied that all my goodies were safe inside my new hefty organizer, I took it for its first real test when I ran Zombicide demos at a local holiday con. Game setup was a snap and breakdown was equally as easy, everything was in place and back in the box in less than 5 minutes without even rushing. Aside from being easier to setup it also looked nice on the table, earning many compliments about how nice it was and inquiries as to where it could be found. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one it left quite an impression on.


Less time setting up means more time gibbing these guys!

This is just one of several organizers that I’ve purchased over the past couple of years from the The Broken Token and I’ve been pleased with each one. That’s what makes me most excited for the upcoming Firefly Big Damn Crate which looks to be their most ambitious organizer ever made and beautiful to boot.

If you’re in the market for a Zombicide or Imperial Assault organizer (which I also own), don’t hesitate to grab one. They’re high quality organizers that will protect these hefty investment games while making setting up, tear down and storage a heck of a lot easier. They are well worth the purchase price!

The Broken Token currently has organizers for Zombicide Season 1-3 at $41.99 each and also offer a package deal for all three organizers at a nice savings on their site.


NOTE: The organizer reviewed was purchased by me.

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